Bill Rabinovitch
Reads about the Discovery of Tatooine

Bill Rabinovitch earned an engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and was working for NASA on the discovery of quasars, when he decided to leave science to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. This eventually led him to digital art, and he entered the Metaverse as an avatar at the invitation of Quat Gallery, which offered to exhibit his digital art in their virtual gallery, and provide him with a virtual studio in which to work,

Previous chapters showed him exploring this virtual world, but we join him here as he reads a news story which will radically change his virtual life. (Warning: later chapters contain some adult material.)

A newspaper publishes a report that Tatooine has been found.

When he reads about this discovery,

Rabinovitch is at first surprised.

Then he becomes inspired.

"I've got to talk to Merlin!"

He heads for the Quat Gallery office,

and speaks to the receptionist.

"Hi Mr. Rabionovitch. I loved your show at The Church of Art!"

"Thanks. Please call me Bill. What's your name?"

"Fantasy Dreamscape, I just started working here recently."

"Good to meet you. I need to speak to Merlin."

Merlin overhears him.

"Come right in Bill. What can I do for you?"

"I would like a new FTL Warp ship to go to the exoplanet Tatooine."

"Bill, you can't be serious!"

"Even if it were possible to travel there at Warp 10...,"

"It would take years to get there, and even if you made it there, Tatooine is a notorious hive of scum and villainy you might never return from. This project is much too risky!"

"I've always been willing to take risks for my art."

"This is different. You'd be risking your life. "

"I can't agree to back this."

"Please, I feel this absolutely necessary...

"In part because I need to prove to myself I haven't lost my edge. That I'm able to leave the luxury you offer behind to pursue my artistic vision."

"But mostly because I feel I need to learn to use the Force to take my art to the next level, since otherwise I don't see how I can overcome the corruption in the art world."

"I'm not going to be responsible for sending you to your death. I refuse to back this wild plan," insists Merlin.

Rabinovitch retorts, "I feel I have to do this no matter the risk. This is too important to let you stop me. If you won't back the project, I'll find someone who will! You can have back the jet, the yacht, and the Porsche."

Rabinovitch turns to go.

"Wait!" Merlin relents, "I suppose if I don't fund it..." .

"Gagosian will, and you'll go risk your life anyway."

"At least if I'm behind it,"

"I can insure you take some precautions."

"Thanks Merlin, you won't regret it."

"I'll send back sketches as I travel..."

"so it won't be a total loss to you,"

"even if I don't return."

"I'm more worried about you than my investment."

"Why don't you speak to Father Flash?"

"Rumor has it, he has some Jedi connections. He might be able to suggest the safest way for you to travel."

"OK, good idea."

"I'll go over there right now."

"Oh, and I meant to tell you..."

"I really like your new receptionist."

"Oh, you mean Fantasy? Yes, she's the best droid I ever hired. She's a really advanced model. She can even appreciate art, and has many other talents unusual in a droid. A lot of people are fooled into thinking she's human. You should invite her to your studio to view your new work. I think you'll be really surprised at how human she seems."

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