Directed and Photographed by
Flash Light

Written by
Flash Light, Bill Rabinovitch, and Vishnuh Vendetta

Additional dialog by
Aleister Allardyce, Kaerakh, Maelgwyn, and Barnaby Ruhe

A fan site inspired by characters and locations in
Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, Avatar, M.I.B. Stargate, and other sci-fi
no infringement intended

Little Mos Eisley & The Dune Sea designed by
Helga Eusebio

Pandora Home Tree designed by
Hwyl Ghostraven, Txon, and Ting'tirea

Vulcan City designed by
Wabisabi Matahari

Exoplanets designed by
Bill Rabinovitch

Alien avatars designed by
Eraed Sands

Space freighter designed by
Janey Suen

Shaman & Boomerang consultant
Barnaby Ruhe, PhD.

Cast in order of appearance:

Bill Rabinovitch plays himself
Fantasy Dreamscape plays herself
Merlin Flash Light
Father Flash Flash Light
Germain Falconer plays himself
Java the Jawa Magical Alchemi
Lord Anubis Anubis Maximus
Vishnuh Vendetta Vishnuh
C3PO Aleister Allardyce
Kaerakh the Jawa Kaerakh
Maelgwyn the Jawa Maelgwyn
Bothan Flash Light
Trandoshan Magical Alchemi
Twi'lek Art Sake
Tusken Raider Flash Light
Weequay Art Sake
Chagrian Servio Mammon
Quarren Beau Adonis
Aqualish Flash Light
Duros art flipper Servio Mammon
Evel the Fosh Art Sake
Mon Calamari Magical Alchemi
Hickey Hutt Flash Light
Darth Mal Flash Light
Ker Polly Amour
Kali The God Head
Rabinart Bill Rabinovitch

Produced by
Quat Gallery and
Solid State Light, Inc.

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