Table of Contents

0 Rabinart Front Cover Illustration

1 Bill Rabinovitch Enters the Metaverse

2 A Birthday Present

3 Rewriting The Iliad

4 Touring the Metaverse in a Porsche

5 Tatooine Discovered!

6 Father Flash

7 Passage to Tatooine is Arranged

8 The Star Freighter Pilot

9 The Star Freighter

10 The First Exo-planet

11 Introduction to Alien Cosmology & Second Exoplanet

12 Third Exoplanet & Introduction to Alien Nuclear Physics

13 Another Galaxy & Introduction to Alien Relativity

14 Landing on Tatooine

15 First Morning on Tatooine & Alien Quantum Mechanics

16 The Dune Sea

17 Traveling the Jundland Wastes

18 Preparing for the Art Opening

19 The Art Opening on Tatooine

20 The After Party

21 Darth Mal's Offer

22 A Dark Master

23 High Priestess Vishnuh Faces the Dragon

24 Kali challenges Darth Mal

25 Germain faces Darth Mal

26 The Final Battle




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