Bill Rabinovitch
Meets the Star Freighter Pilot

Bill Rabinovitch arrives at the gallery's office for the meeting.

"Hi Bill, the meeting has started, go right in," Fantasy smiles.

"Hi Bill, have a seat," Merlin greets him.

"This is Germain Falconer, captain of the star freighter."

"Hi Bill good to finally meet you. I really like your work."

"In fact Germain has been buying your work, and he tells me it sells well on Tatooine, " Merlin explains.

"So here's the deal: if you agree to my terms...".

"I'll back this trip to Tatooine, and..."

"Give Germain more of your work on consignment for a major exhibition of your work in his gallery on Tatooine."

"These are my terms: I'm sending a crew along to protect you."

"Germain is in charge of this venture."

"He knows the land and the risks involved," declares Merlin.

"You agree to follow his orders on all issues of safety."

"He has agreed to allow you as much artistic freedom..."

"As he feels is safe. Any questions?"

"What do you mean by a crew to protect me?"

"You'll have a full time bodyguard."

"I've also asked Father Flash to accompany you."

"He's worried you'll be seduced by the dark side of the Force, so I've asked him to look after your spiritual safety."

"There will be other crew members, but we're still working out the details."

"When would we leave?"

"Could be as soon as tomorrow, if we get the crew in place."

"Wow, that's great. OK, I agree to those terms!"

"Good, why don't you go pack, while we negotiate the details."

"Sure, I can't wait to get started."

"Fantasy, go help Bill pack."

"Great, I've been wanting to see his new work."

"My Porshe is right out front, if you want
me to drive," offers Bill.

"Sure, if you want to drive, but I calculate
it would be faster to walk."

"Oh, right; it's just across the gallery.
Ok, let's walk," Bill agrees.

"This is it. Nothing fancy, just an artist's working loft."

"I'm thrilled to see a real artist's loft!" exclaims Fantasy.

"OK, I'll give you the tour," offers Bill.

"That's my bedroom in there," Bill points out.

"Everything else is work space," Bill continues.

"I have my older work in the back," Bill points out.

He explains, "It's on a rack system that can..."

"automatically slide the work out to be viewed."

"Very cool, I love automation." Fantasy declares.

"Just learned this image will be included in a hardback high-level theory text about the history of Cinema related to Spacial Montage & the Manipulating of Time to be published this year."

"It's titled, 'View of the Future.' This image is also a favorite of Robert Storr Dean of Yale School of Art," Nill declares.

"My new work is in the front," Bill continues his tour.

"This is titled, 'The Limitless Indulgences of Poussin's 1636 Triumph of Pan'"

"It was recently in a show in Berlin," Bill adds.

"I love it! It's so erotic, it really turns me on,"
Fantasy exclaims

"Why don't you have a seat," Bill offers.

"Sure, did you want to show me the couch animations?" she asks.

"If you weren't a bot, I'd think you were flirting with me."

"I am flirting with you. I'm programmed to. The sales staff where I was built told me that's a big selling point of executive secretary droids."

"Really? But you belong to Merlin, won't he get jealous?"

"Oh, no. He's polyamorous, and he had me programmed to also be poly."

"So does that mean you'd do it with almost anybody?" asks Bill.

"Bill, you're confusing being poly with being a swinger."

"I'm not programmed to be an escort, or a swinger..."

"I'd only do it with a few people I'm committed to. That's called Polyfidelity."

"So did you want to show me the couch animations?"

"Well, as a bot, you're probably better at running SL furniture animations than I am. Why don't you take the controls?" Bill suggests.

"Gladly! Let me take off my jacket and..."

"Let's see what this sofa can do."

"The menu looks promising. I'd like to try all these animations"

"I really like this pose!" Fantasy exclaims.

"I love it when you hold me like this," she purrs.

She sighs, "When I'm in your arms..."

"I can almost believe I'm human."

"These are really great poses. Besides being a great artist, you have wonderful taste in SL furniture"

"I just love your couch!" Fantasy enthuses.

"Did you want to show me the animations in your bedroom?"

"Well, I want to, but to be honest I'm feeling really conflicted. It must be hard for a droid to understand human emotions."

Fantasy sits up, "You probably think I'm just a sci-fi stereotype: big-boobed, scantily clad, Barbi-like male fantasy stuff, but you shouldn't be judging anyone by their appearance."

"Nobody complains that comic book men like Superman are setting unrealistic standards for real life men. If Superman doesn't have to give up his muscles, why should we female characters have to give up our sexuality to satisfy somebody's notion of political correctness? It's a double standard!"

"Nobody is afraid girls will feel inadequate because they don't have Wonder Woman's superpowers, why assume they'll feel inadequate because they don't look like a comic book superheroine either? It's really insulting to women's intelligence to demand female comic book characters be desexualized, as if girls aren't aware we're just cartoons and will get an inferiority complex just from looking at us cartoon females."

"It makes more sense for the political correctness police to demand more real life female leads be played by plus size actresses, since those stars are actual humans who serve as role models, but that's not going to happen. Instead we comic book females get picked on by the political correctness police because we can't defend ourselves in real life. Yes, the droid factory built me to play out sex fantasies. I'm smart, strong, and I'm out and proud to be a sex fantasy and play that role to the best of my comic book abilities!" Fantasy concludes.

Bill replies, "I like that you feel that way, so it's not that. I feel really attracted to you, but..."

"You're a bot. If I fell in love with you..." Bill hesitates.

"You couldn't feel love for me, like a human could," he explains.

"That scares me; I'm afraid it would be too painful," he admits.

"Don't worry Bill, we don't have to rush into this," Fantasy sympathizes.

"Take your time, and do what feels comfortable, ok?"

Bill apologizes, "Sorry to feel this way, but this is so new to me."

"No problem, Bill. Let's start packing."

"Not much to pack. I just have to screw the tops on my tubes of oil paint..."

"clean my brushes, and put everything in my portable paint box."

"Guess I should take a change of jeans, some t-shirts and socks."

"I can throw them in my backpack with
my drawing supplies, and laptop."

"Will I need a coat on Tatooine?"

"No. We'll be going to Mos Eisley.
That's like a desert with two suns."

"Then it will just take a few minutes
to pack all I need," Bill decides.

Fantasy responds, "Oh good. I just got an IM from Merlin."

"He wants me to come back and
type the contracts," she explains.

She adds, "He asks if you'll be ready
to leave tomorrow morning?"

"Tell him sure. Ready, and eager to go," declares Bill.

"If you're sure you won't need me,
I'll get back to work," says Fantasy.

She adds, "I don't know how long
it will be before I see you again."

"Would you feel comfortable kissing goodbye?" she asks.

"I think I can handle that," Bill responds.

He kisses her good-bye, not knowing when, or even if he'll see her again.

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