Bill Rabinovitch's
Passage to Tatooine is Arranged

Father Flash teleports aboard the star freighter.

"Hi Java, hi Germain," Father Flash greets the crew.

The Jawa returns his greeting, "Howza popski."

"Still maintaining radio silence, I see," Father Flash remarks.

"Can't be too careful about the Men in Black."

"Even after you dropped your off passenger?"

"If it had been a political exile they granted a visa..."

"I wouldn't be worried..."

"but if I'm here with no official reason..."

"they'll assume I'm running in fugitives again..."

"and they can get pretty nasty about that."

"I saw you in The Church of Art this morning..."

"so I thought you might still be here," Father Flash explains.

The pilot replies, "I hate to fly back empty, therefore... "

"I'm gathering items from Earth I can sell on Tatooine. Because your technology is so primitive,
the only marketable items from Earth..."

"are ones that capitalize on your primitiveness."

"Like your primitive electric sex toys."

"Primitive weapons, such as your compound cross-bow..."

" are valued by our antique weapons collectors."

"And your primitive paintings and art objects.are prized by art collectors on Tatooine."

"After I saw the Rabinovitch show at your church.., "

"I bought more of Rabinovitch's work from Merlin."

"I had brought back some of his work on my last two trips, and it all sold out, so Rabinovitch is a rising art star on Tatooine. "

"Very interesting; actually the reason I came here is to tell you Rabinovitch wants to go to Tatooine and Merlin is willing to pay for his passage..."

"along with a crew to protect him."

"I'd say that's a good career move on Rabinovitch's part."

"It would be the first time a successful primitive artist from Earth showed up in person for a major opening of his work."

"I think we could get great media coverage, maybe a feature article in the Tatooine Times,"

"My judgment might be swayed by the prospect of paying passengers for the return trip, but I'd say the Force is calling him there."

"Fascinating! When were you planning to leave?"

"I can't go until I finish defraging my old droid."

The pilot explains, "Since I upgraded my obsolete hyperdrive to a modern quantum entanglement engine..."

"I've had to run my droid at max to keep up with the computational demands of teleporting instantly across the universe."

"So it's a real problem when the old droid runs slow. It can take days to defrag its immense memory."

"I really should upgrade to one of the newer model droids,"

"like the one I delivered to Merlin."

"Since you're not planning on leaving immediately..."

"why don't you come down and meet with Merlin tomorrow?"

"OK, Let's say noon, your time."

Father Flash flies back to Earth.

In his office, he IMs Merlin to confirm the meeting.

Then he takes an item from his desk,

and walks over to Rabinovitch's loft.

"Father Flash! Please come in and have a seat," Bill greets him.

"I set up a meeting with a star freighter captain for noon tomorrow at the gallery office," Father Flash begins.

"He insists on radio silence because he fears the Men In Black might listen in. I suggest you don't ask about his business."

"So it looks like the mission is a go?" asks Bill.

"Well, if you agree to Merlin's terms, you might need this."

"Wow, a light saber!"

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