Bill Rabinovitch
Speaks to Father Flash

Rabinovitch leaves the Quat Gallery Offices...

and walks up to the office roof.

From there, he takes a flying leap to a balcony...

on The Church of Art.

Father flash greets him as he enters.

"I was expecting you," reveals Father Flash.

"The Force told you I was coming?" asks Rabinovitch.

"You could say that..." responds Father Flash,

"or you could say Merlin called to tell me you were coming."

"What is your interest in the Force?" Father Flash inquires.

"Rumor has it you have some Jedi connections," Bill begins.

"You shouldn't believe rumors," Father Flash stops him.

"The Church of Art is not a faith based church."

"We welcome all who revere the spiritual in art."

"In our creed, we state that all beliefs are welcome here..."

"and we mention the Jedi among them."

"That has probably led to the rumors," concludes Father Flash.

"Putting those rumors aside, What is your interest in the Force?"

"I feel I need to learn about the Force to take my work to the next level so that I may help save the Earth," explains Bill.

"I feel I need to go to Tatooine," Bill elaborates,

"and learn about the Force from a Jedi Master."

Father Flash replies, "The Force is here as well as on Tatooine. You don't need to leave the Earth to learn about it."

"Dr. Ruhe, founder of the Shamanista Finishing School, says, 'The great shamanic journey is from point A to point A.' Meaning, to learn the Force you must wake up the Force which is already in you."

"When ancient shamans led their tribes to new worlds, they were using the Force."

"When ancient Egyptian priests built the pyramids, they were using the Force."

"When Buddhists use their Zen Mind,
they are using the Force."

"When Wiccans work magick,
they are using the Force."

"There is much you can learn about the Force... "

"here on Earth, without venturing to Tatooine."

Rabinovitch rebuts him, "These attempts you mention to use the Force to save us have not succeeded."

Rabinovitch reveals, "I feel I need to go to Tatooine..."

"to reach the next spiritual level..."

"and learn to use the Force to finally save the Earth."

"I disagree that these attempts have not succeeded," responds Father Flash.

"Progress is only noticeable over millennia. Some decades we move forward; some centuries we move back."

"There appears to you no progress, because your view of time is too narrow," asserts Father Flash.

"You are young, and feel impatient. However, one cannot argue with a feeling," admits Father Flash.

"The only proof that will satisfy you is..."

"to go to Tatooine and find out for yourself."

"So I will try to arrange passage for you, but I have to warn you: Yoda is long dead, and you may never find a Jedi Master..."

"Without one you could easily be seduced by the Dark side of the Force."

"Go now, and if I have news I will contact you."

As soon as Rabinovitch leaves the church...

Father Flash swings open a bookshelf...

to reveal a hidden teleporter.

Father Flash teleports to a gazebo shrouded by clouds...

raises his cowl, and descends into the cloud bank...

where he enters a concealed hanger...

boards a space transport parked there...

closes the cockpit hatch...

glides out of the hanger and slowly lifts off.

Up above the atmosphere...

He leaves the Earth behind...

And heads toward the moon.

He circles behind to the far side of the Moon...

and meets a star freighter concealed by the Moon as it secretly orbits the Earth at the Lagrange point there. The freighter comes swooping down to confront the intruder. Father Flash gestures that he wants to board.

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