Bill Rabinovitch
Tours the Metaverse in a Porsche

On the day Bill's show is due to open at The Church of Art, Merlin presents Rabinovitch with a new Porsche, which he says is a bonus for Bill's prolific art work.

"I am so ready for this Porsche!"

Rabinovitch examines the dashboard.

He sees the car doesn't need gas...

and starts his engine.

He checks that the road is clear, and...

pulls out of the gallery parking lot onto the highway.

As he leaves Quat and enters Vari, he passes...

a plot featuring illegal gambling machines.

He spots a "SIM Crossing" and slows down for the speed bump. Different SIMs can be on different servers; it takes time for one server to hand you off to the next, and if you travel too fast, the results can be unpredictable. You might lose you vehicle, end up falling through the sky, or find yourself under the road. He's entering a SIM called Riiki.

"This Porsche is fabulous."

"I guess I could get used to a fabulous lifestyle..."

"...with this new car, my new yacht, and my private jet."

"Why does that thought make me nervous?"

"These possessions won't effect the art I make... or will they?"

"Could I find myself becoming..."


"Will I start to have the concerns of people..."

"who own yachts and jets and luxury cars?"

"Could I start identifying with the 1%?"

"Could I lose my edge?"

"Will that lead my art to a dead end, like this road?" Rabinovitch checks his map.

He sees there's a northwest passage around the island.

He circles back to...

the last turnoff, and takes

the side road which...

runs along the west coast of the island.

"Will I become addicted to a life of luxury..."

"and be unable to give it up?"

"Will I start to make compromises in my art..."

"just so it sells to feed an addiction to luxury?"

Rabinovitch takes the road south through Marunogere.

Where he cuts through Poppy Pass...

and narrowly avoids a car careening out of control. "Must have been smoking those poppies," Bill surmises.

"Could my art career spin out of control like that..."

"From an addiction to luxury?"

"Before I might head across country on a whim, just to sketch something new."

"Could I become afraid to lose sales by trying new things, and end up just repeating myself?"

"Maybe I need to test myself, but how? Just drive away?"

The road brings him back around to the southern tip of Quat.

He pulls into The Church of Art...

parks his Porsche...

...and joins the ongoing festivities at the opening of his show. Having arrived in style in his new Porsche, he's now prepared to put aside his doubts and drive potential collectors to his loft to view his newest work.

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