Bill Rabinovitch
Rewrites The Iliad

Bill Rabinovitch has been making good use....

of the artists' loft building in Quat.

Rabinovitch works constantly...

producing enough new work to make him...

the most prolific artist in Quat Gallery.

His loft is overflowing with his art...

leaving him barely enough room to ...

walk around and view all his paintings.

He soon has to start using the vacant loft above his own because he's...

feverishly creating studies for his next feature...

a reinterpretation of The Iliad...

linking ancient and modern times. Above, "Picasso as Achilles looking at Kouros"

Merlin stops by to see Rabinovitch's latest paintings.

"I really like this ancient Greek themed work," Merlin enthuses.

"They were a sea faring people. Tell me, do you ever look down at the river and dream of going out to sea?"

"Well, I have thought it would be fun to row across and look at the islands around here," admits Bill.

"I thought you might want to, so I bought you a boat. It's moored in front of the gallery."

Rabinovitch goes out on his balcony to take a look.

"Wow, that's big enough to be ocean going!" declares Bill. "Thank you Merlin!!"

Bill runs down to take a closer look at his new yacht

"Merlin must be trying to sneak a fabulous lifestyle up on me."

"But I guess there's no harm in keeping this yacht any more than the jet."

"It's not going to change the way I make art..."

"And it might take me to some inspiring island scenery."

"Actually I wouldn't mind taking collectors out for a cruise in this."

"The galley will be great for cooking sea food and entertaining."

"I'll cast off, and navigate along the river to see how she handles."

"Guess I'll head for The Church of Art, and see if Father Flash is in."

The Church of Art is opening just down the road from Quat Gallery..

Bill Rabinovitch has been chosen...

for the opening exhibition at The Church of Art.

He's begun to supervise the installation of his work.

and Father Flash discuss plans for the opening. Father Flash encourages Bill to include ancient Greek gods and goddesses in his opening show.

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