The Final Battle

Ker steps out into the arena,

and draws her light saber.

Meanwhile, Evel goes to the Sith weapons cache...

She selects a weapon, and a holster for it and goes to ambush Germain.

Bill whispers to Father Flash, "Evel just moved out of sight."

Father Flash replies, "I'll watch the stands on this side."

"You watch that side. She may try to fire down on us."

However, Evel is in place behind the gate, and ready to aim for Germain when it drops,

Germain's battle trained falcon has been watching his back, and takes off when it sees the gate drop.

It comes soaring thru the opening, beak pointed toward Evel's eyes

Germain feels the falcon leave his shoulder, and turns to see the threat.

Evel's view is blocked by the falcon, giving Germain the first shot.

Germain sees Evel is toast, and immediately turns his full attention to Ker

"Ker you saw what happened to Evel and to Darth. This is your last chance to lay down your weapon and pursue peace."

"Trying to make me laugh? My Sith reflexes are so fast, I can kill all of you before any of you realize you're dead!"

Ker knows she can't throw her light saber because she needs it to block Germain's blaster shots.
She's looking for an opening to use to her advantage.

Father Flash whispers to Bill, "Fan out so she faces a wide front and help keep her attention divided."

"Ker you're outflanked; you can't win. Lay down your weapon and take up the cause of peace."

Fantasy starts moving to further outflank Ker.

"You can become a great asset to the bright side, but if you continue in the delusion the dark side can win, it will lead to your doom in this arena."

"Vishnuh dear, I'll save killing you for last, just so you live long enough to see how wrong you were."

Father Flash sees Fantasy has worked her to the far side of the arena...

and he feigns an advance.

This is Ker's opening: let the old man get close enough to kill first, and the rest will be easy.

As he runs toward her, Ker turns to face him, keeping one eye on Germain, but not worried that Fantasy is now just out of her view.

It's the opening Fantasy has been waiting for.

Within nano-seconds Fantasy estimates Ker's response time, then calculates the time it will take her to reach Ker.

Fantasy uses the tremendous strength of her robotic legs to launch herself into a high flying karate side kick, and...

lands the spiked heel of her comabt stilletto precisely in the base of Ker's skull...

killing Ker instantly.

"It's sad that these three couldn't be turned to the bright side, and died because evil and greed had them in its grip."

Bill says, "Great work Fantasy! Thank you Vishnuh! You saved us from the dragon, and you were right about the Siths. You've been right all along."

Vishnuh replies, "Bill, you've learned a tremendous lesson here today, and because of that, I hereby declare you a Jedi Knight."

"Can you do that?" Bill asks astonished.

"You heard Darth say, if we beat him, we'd make it to the advanced class. The Siths are all dead, so we're the advanced Sith class now, and we realize the error of the dark ways. We've turned the class to the bright side, and declare you've graduated a Jedi Knight."

"You really can make me a Jedi Knight?"

"Do you see any Sith standing who can stop us? By the power vested in me as High Priestess of the Church of Art, I hereby declare a new order within the church, an order of Jedi Knights. I further declare you the first Jedi Knight in that order. I declare your Jedi name shall be Rabinart, and your mission shall be to save the Earth. Now get back there immediately and get to work saving it!"

Father Flash joins in, "Of course she can do that, Rabinart, I welcome you as the First Jedi Knight of the Church of Art! Before you left Earth, you were concerned that greed had despoiled the art world. That art for art's sake had become art for profit's sake. Here on Tatooine, you've seen first hand the unspeakable evil that greed can lead to. Earth desperately needs to be saved from the consequences of such greed. The Church of Art calls upon you to give up your concerns for succeeding as an artist in the art market; give up worrying about your place in art history, and instead devote your artistic skills to educating the people of Earth to the dangers greed poses for our planet. Succeed at that, and your place in art history will be assured without you ever having to think about it."

Rabinart objects, "But I haven't even learned to use my light saber in combat!"

"Trust me, a light saber is not what you need to save the Earth. You need to get back to Earth and continue your studies under masters there, even while you're working to save the Earth. Study under fencing masters if you want to learn to use a saber, but unless you land a part in a sci-fi epic, swordplay won't be nearly as valuable as learning to educate Earthians to the dangers they face, and learning to organize Earthians to combat those man made dangers."

Father Flash agrees, "She's right Rabinart; your art is needed to help save the Earth. High Priestess Vishnuh has annointed you first Jedi Knight of the Church of Art. You can do no better here. I urge you to return to Earth now, as a victorious Jedi Knight determined to help out the good causes on Earth."

Germain adds, "I keep the ship ready to depart at a moments notice. I judge we've now accomplished all our goals on this mission thanks to High Priestess Vishnuh, whom I admit saved our skin against the dark dragon, so I'm ready to follow her advice, and take you back immediately."

Vishnuh insists, "Now that you're a Jedi Knight, don't waste time here. Get straight back to Earth to help save the planet from being despoiled by greed, even as we speak. Study the classic uses of art for political ends, from Aristophanes' ancient Greek play Lysistrata, to political posters, and public performance art as political actions, to the modern use of social media."

Rabinart finally agrees, "Yes, I can see it all clearly now. As Patrick Smith wrote in Salon about the crisis in the Greek economy back on Earth, 'Neoliberalism, as it operates through corporations, political elites, and corrupted media striking poses of authority, does not degenerate only our towns, traditions, environments, local fabric, culture and so on. At bottom it is well along in destroying the values that give value, in turn, to all such things.' This is what I must use the Force to oppose through my art. Now that you've helped me realize how much my art is needed on Earth, I see it's time for me to return to home to accomplish what I can there as a Jedi Knight in the Church of Art."

Kali dances forward, "Farewell Rabinart and Vishnuh, I want to thank you and your crew. The battle here today has me dancing!"

Rabinart responds, "Thanks Kali. Nice meeting you. Give my regards to Shiva, oh and Deepak too, if you see him."

Kali dances on the bodies of Darth and Ker, and takes their light sabers as battle momentos.

"OK, we just need to go back to the gallery and pickup Rabinart's art work, and supplies, and find Lord Anubis. We can walk to the Space Port from there."

Vishnuh demands, "A direct trip to Earth this time, no intermediate stops please!"

Germain gives in, "Ok, I agree. Fantasy just needs to take enough time to plot the course. We should be back to Earth by night fall."

The crew boards the ship at the Space Port.

Rabinart is eager to head back to Earth and start saving the planet with his art.
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Directed and Photographed by
Flash Light

Written by
Flash Light, Bill Rabinovitch, and Vishnuh Vendetta

Additional dialog by
Aleister Allardyce, Kaerakh, Maelgwyn, and Barnaby Ruhe

A fan site inspired by characters and locations in
Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, Avatar, M.I.B. Stargate, and other sci-fi
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Helga Eusebio

Pandora Home Tree designed by
Hwyl Ghostraven, Txon, and Ting'tirea

Vulcan City designed by
Wabisabi Matahari

Exoplanets designed by
Bill Rabinovitch

Alien avatars designed by
Eraed Sands

Space freighter designed by
Janey Suen

Shaman & Boomerang consultant
Barnaby Ruhe, PhD.

Cast in order of appearance:

Bill Rabinovitch plays himself
Fantasy Dreamscape plays herself
Merlin Flash Light
Father Flash Flash Light
Germain Falconer plays himself
Java the Jawa Magical Alchemi
Lord Anubis Anubis Maximus
Vishnuh Vendetta Vishnuh
C3PO Aleister Allardyce
Kaerakh the Jawa Kaerakh
Maelgwyn the Jawa Maelgwyn
Bothan Flash Light
Trandoshan Magical Alchemi
Twi'lek Art Sake
Tusken Raider Flash Light
Weequay Art Sake
Chagrian Servio Mammon
Quarren Beau Adonis
Aqualish Flash Light
Duros art flipper Servio Mammon
Evel the Fosh Art Sake
Mon Calamari Magical Alchemi
Hickey Hutt Flash Light
Darth Mal Flash Light
Ker Polly Amour
Kali The God Head
Rabinart Bill Rabinovitch

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