Germain faces Darth Mal

"Who's next?" Darth repeats.

Germain holsters his blaster, reaches into his combat vest, and pulls out a bent piece of wood.

He positions himself 40 meters from Darth to be at the right range, and sends it flying thru the air with an easy motion.

Then he immediately pulls out his blaster.

"You think that's some kind of Jedi mind trick, Germain?"

"You think I'm going to turn to look at that totem you flung in the air... "

"and take my eyes off your blaster? Don't take me for a fool!"

Suddenly Darth pitches forward, brought down by Germain's boomerang hitting the back of his skull with its lethal lawn mower blade action.

Germain knows Darth is only stunned, and immediately fires his blaster at maximum power to finish Darth off before he can recover.

"Pity Darth didn't heed my advice. Ker and Evel, you've seen where your dark path leads."

"Lay down your weapons and join the path of peace, it's your only hope."

Ker whispers to Evel, "I won't fall for that trick, so I'm pretty sure I can take them all with my light saber."

"I'm not worried about Fantasy, she's designed as a pleasure droid. Look at that outfit she's wearing; it's for a costume party, not comabat. She isn't even armed and she's wearing high heels to boot. "

"Vishnuh isn't armed, and I won't be tricked by her illusions. I can certainly take an old man like Father Flash, and Bill is a novice."

"The only one that worries me is Germain, so I want to improve our odds by having you take him out for me."

"With pleasure, what's your battle plan?"

"You circle around the arena and position yourself on the other side of that gate behind Germain. I'm going time that gate to drop in 5 minutes when I'm advancing on him. He won't be expecting it to drop, but when it hits bottom, he'll hear it and turn. You have to shoot him in the back before he completes that turn. You'll have to use your training to visualize him on the other side of that gate, and take aim before it drops, so you're prepared to fire the moment you have line of sight."

"Consider him dead!"

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