Kali challenges Darth Mal

Darth repeats, "Who will step forward to face me in combat first?"

Kali dances forward, raising her scimitars.

She leaps over the table of food,

and lands ready to do battle.

Darth leaps onto the pet lounge, gaining a further advantage in height.

He swings his dual bladed light saber, and slices through Kali's cutlass.

The cutlass blade falls to the ground, still glowing where the light saber vaporized it.

Kali drops the useless handle, which is burning her hand.

Darth swings again, and lops off the top of her trident.

The trident points fall to the ground, the wood smoldering.

Kali drops the useless wooden handle, relying on her scimitars.

Darth's third swing cuts through both of Kali's scimitars.

She drops the searing remnants, standing totally disarmed.

"Kali, tell me, what have you learned from this first lesson?" asks Darth.

"Pretty clear a cutlass, trident and scimitars are no match for a light saber. I need to modernize my weaponry!"

"Excellent answer! You learn quickly. You've made it to the advanced class; now step to the rear of the arena."

Who's next?

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