High Priestess Vishnuh
Faces the Dragon

Darth Mal gloats, "See, our bio-weapon is working exactly as expected. Their weapons are useless against it!"

Darth continues, "The humans are doomed. Splendid! Too bad about Kali though, we could have used her."

Vishnuh says, "OK, Germain, I hope you can see your approach isn't working."

"Any more bright ideas to get somebody else killed, or are you finally willing to admit you need my help?" she asks.

Germain defers, "OK, if you have a battle plan against this monster, let's hear it"

Vishnuh whispers, "Leave the dragon to me. Germain, you watch my back against Darth. Tell Fantasy to watch my back against Ker."

Vishnuh whispers, "Bill, you should watch my back against Evel. Father Flash, watch the grandstands behind us."

Vishnuh instructs, "Now fan out behind me. Whatever you do, don't antogonize the dragon.."

Germain declares, "Well, ok, you take down that monster, and I'm with you all the way."

Vishnuh steps forward to address the dragon.

Germain whispers to Fantasy, "Watch Vishnuh's back against Ker."

Fantasy asks in a whisper, "Permission to kill?"

Germain whispers back, "They showed they're playing for keeps when they killed Java, therefore so are we. We're in the arena, so it's legal to kill her in combat. Permission granted."

Fantasy replies, "I've analyzed her body armour. It's the most advanced type, almost impenetrable, even for your blaster. The only vulnerable spots are her face, and the small gap between her helmet, and the body armour. "

Vishnuh begins, "Dear dragon, I apologize that my associates have been so rude, and brutal."

Vishnuh begs, "Pray, let me show you kindness," and she manifests a banquet table.

Vishnuh continues, "Here, I set forth for you a feast, of vegetarian simulated meats, seasoned for a carnivore's taste."

The beast examines the banquet table. It seems confused, and grows smaller at the sight of it.

"Dear dragon, pray eat your fill. Here let me offer you drink with that feast," Vishnuh manifests a table of drinks..

The dragon grows smaller still.

"Dear dragon let me offer you furniture to rest upon."

After Vishnuh manifests a piece of elegant pet furniture, the dragon becomes smaller yet, and perches on the pet lounge.

Vishnuh offers, "Dear dragon, perhaps some baby dragon toys would please you?"

After Vishnuh manifests baby dragon toys, the dragon reverts to its original size

"Perhaps those toys are too large for you now?"

"Would you like smaller toys? What more can I do for you?"

The dragon reverts to an egg.

Vishnuh inquires, "Dear dragon, is the temperature ideal for you?"

"Would you like me to sit next to you for warmth?"

The egg vanishes.

Kali exclaims, "I would have never thought of trying that tactic in my battle with the demon Raktavija!"

Darth rises to his feet.

Darth laments, "My biological weapon fed on hate, so you killed it with kindness. Clever."

Darth conceeds, " You have revealed a basic flaw in our design. I appreciate your help in testing our weapon."

Darth whisphers to Ker, "We can't let these humans live to give away our plans."

Ker whispers back, "Spare the droid if you can. She'd be useful for me once I have her memory erased."

Darth continues aloud, "As a reward for this accomplishment, you will all now skip a grade,"

Darth enters the arena floor, "You've all passed the beginner's class. Instead of the intermediate class..."

Darth draws his light saber, "You will face me in combat. Those who survive will enter the advanced class."

Vishnuh rebukes him, "Darth you've just seen peace prevail over your most advanced weapon."

"Lay down your arms and find salvation through peace before you cause your own doom," she warns.

Darth snears, "Your mind tricks may work on a reptilian brain, but they're no match for a dual light sabre."

Darth demands, "Who will step forward to face me first? Will it be you Vishnuh?"

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