Bill Rabinovitch's
After Party

"Time to put our plan into action," Darth Mal repeats softly to Ker.

"Give me your light saber so it doesn't give you away," he instructs her.

"I'll have to change my complexion and makeup too..."

"How do I look?."

"Not my thing, but it should appeal to him. I'll wait at your place for you to lure him there," replies Darth

"May the dark side of the Force be with you."

Germain is relieved to see Darth exit the gallery.

"Bill, I've been wanting to meet you. I'm Ker."

"Your work is so primitive, so charged with sexual energy,"

"It really turns me on."

"Thanks, nice meeting you, Ker."

"You know I've never gotten it on with an Earthian; it would be a real thrill."

"Would you like to come over to my place after the opening?" she winks.

"Let me introduce you to Fantasy Dreamscape," says Bill, changing the subject.

"You're a droid aren't you, Fantasy? I don't sense a human presence."

"Yes, executive secretary model. You're a Sith aren't you?"

"A Sith?"

"Yes, I saw you out of the corner of my eye earlier, and I have a photographic memory, literally."

"BTW great make-up job! You almost look human now.'

"Yes, I'm a Sith and proud of it. I only changed my appearance because I'm incredibly attracted to Bill, and I thought this look would appeal to him. Does the droid belong to you, Bill?"

"Actually she belongs to my Earth gallery. She's my bodyguard for this trip."

"A body guard with benefits, from what I hear about exec secretary droids. Well, if you can shake her, I'll show you what a Sith can do in bed. You'll never want to settle for a droid again," says Ker handing Bill her card.

Fantasy, realizing there's a danger, decides to be pre-emptive.

"Bill. If you want me to, I'll take that challenge, and win it."

"Let's all get it on," suggests Fantasy, "and Bill can decide whether a mere mortal "

"can even do as well as an executive secretary droid in a three way."

"That is a tempting offer Fantasy, but I hope Ker isn't offended."

"Not offended at all. She's no competition; she's just a sex toy. Let's head for my place right now."

"No! I'm in charge of Bill's security. We'll use the bedroom upstairs here. Ker will have to submit to a strip search, body cavity inspection, and medical scan for STDs and parasites first."

"Not put very romantically, Fantasy."

"What do you expect from a droid? This is going to be easy to win! I accept those terms, let's go."

"OK, let me clear this with Germain."

"Bill, you're the first Earthian artist to attend an exhibition here, what made you decide to come?" asks Ker.

"Well actually, I'm hoping to find a Jedi master, so I can learn about the Force."

"Oh, I'm learning about the force from my master, I could ask him if he'd be willing to take you on."

"Wow! That sounds great, but I'll have to clear it with my crew."

"OK, the opening is over and Germain is closing the gallery, let's get started." asserts Fantasy.

"Bill, you wait out here until I check her out," Fantasy instructs.

Bill waits outside as Fantasy and Ker go in.

"OK strip," Fantasy orders.

"Do a 360 degree turn," Fantasy commands.

"Good, no weapons," Fantasy declares.

"Now I have to do a body cavity search, and I can also run medical tests with the scanner built into my finger tip."

"Lay down and spread your legs." orders Fantasy

"You won't find anything, I'm clean." declares Ker. "I have to be thorough," Fantasy responds.

"Feels more like you're looking for my G spot than running a med scan," declares Ker.

"Yes, you passed your physical, so I was doing research for the next phase of our project," admits Fantasy.

"Bill you can come in now," shouts Fantasy, taking off her clothes.,.

Bill doesn't have to be asked twice.

He gets right into it.

They begin kissing.

Fantasy and Ker swap places.

They're both good at kissing, Bill realizes,

and both good at oral sex.

They get on the bed and continue kissing...

and kissing...

and cuddling...

and kissing...

intertwining their bodies...

sinking down to the mattress...

and getting down to sex.

They try a position called, "Train Wreck."

Fantasy and Ker switch places.

Ker says she prefers it when Bill performs the cunnilingus.

They try another 3-some position.

Both Ker and Fantasy seem to like this position.

Bill seems to be able to please both of them.

Ker and Fantasy switch positions again.

They both good on top, Bill decides,

and both seem to achieve multiple orgasms easily,

and both good at team work

Finally Bill gives up attempting to compare their performances,

and just succumbs to his passions.

Finally they have all come as many times as they are able to in one night.

"I have to say it was too close to call. Both of you were great in bed!" Bill decides.

"Well, to show I'm fair minded, I have to agree with Bill," Ker responds.

"I'm really impressed by exec secretary droids, and I'm even thinking of buying one of my own," Ker explains.

"Glad we're all in agreement!" Bill enthuses.

"Ker told me she's learning about the Force from a master and he might take me on." Bill informs Fantasy.

"That would be a Sith master, would it not?" asks Fantasy.

"Yes, that's true. Yoda passed long ago, and after all the time since, so have the Jedi Masters who came after him. There are presently no Jedi Masters left to teach on Tatooine," declares Ker.

"So your master would be teaching Bill about the dark side of the Force, would he not?" Fantasy prods.

"Yes, but if you remeber, Anakin Skywalker studied the bright side, then later turned to the dark side. No reason Bill couldn't study the dark side, and later turn to the bright."

"That's my plan, but please don't give me away to my master," Ker concludes.

"Well, if there are no Jedi Masters left, maybe this is the only way," Bill ponders.

"Bill, the dark side is evil, nothing good can come from studying it," reacts Fantasy.

"That's so narrow minded, typical of a droid," dismisses Ker.

"Look Bill, a dark master teaches you to use your dark emotions: anger, hatred, jealousy, vengence, etc. for your own good," Ker explains.

"I remember reading that your chief deity on Earth, I forget His name, said, "Vengence is mine," said He was "a jealous god," Ker continues.

"He was angry at many people, whom He directed His followers to slaughter," Ker elaborates.

"So really studying the dark side here is little different than taking old testament Bible classes on Earth," Ker concludes.

"I don't know that it's exactly the same, but I see your point," Bill reacts.

"I'll have to talk this over with Germain & Father Flash," Bill decides.

"Why don't you ask your master if he will take me on?" Bill requests.

"Meanwhile, I'll talk this over with my crew."

Ker agrees, "Deal. Hope to see you really soon so we have more fun. "

Ker makes her way home and meets Darth Mal there.

"He wouldn't come with you?"

"No, his security guard wouldn't let him, but get this..."

"he wants to study with a Jedi Master, however I convinced him to study with you."

"Ha! I'll teach him quite a lesson!"

"I figure we can get him to voluntarily enter the arena for his 'combat lesson'."

"That way it won't even be illegal when we kill him, and no one will give it a second thought."

"Brilliant! Was it hard to talk him into it?"

"What I had to do was disgusting: First I had to tell him I was studying the dark side because I wanted to to turn to the light; the reverse of Darth Vader. You try saying that with a straight face."

"And then I had to have sex with the little wus, so he'd trust me, and fall for it. Yuck! The only thing that made it bearable was thinking of the pleasure I'll get seeing him suffer grotesquely, as he dies for our cause."

"The things a girl will do to achieve domination over the universe! But you said it was necessary."

"Yes, it's all a necessary part of the plan. We need an Earthian to test our new biological weapon on..."

"before we can test that weapon conquering his planet. And we need a obscure, far distant target like Earth..."

"to work out any bugs in the weapon. We don't want another Death Star fiasco!"

"Biological terror is a new technique for us, so we need to thouroghly test the weapon in combat."

"Only after it's thouroughly tested, and perfected, can we go on to use it to conquer the Universe!"

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