Bill Rabinovitch
Gets a Present

On the morning of his birthday, Rabinovitch finds a note under his door.

Rabinovitch reads the note, and immediately takes the elevator to the roof.

Bill discovers a Falcon 2000 jet plane on the roof, "Looks like Merlin won his bet!"

"Merlin must have noticed I use a picture from my old fighter jet on my Facebook profile,
and realized how much I missed flying."

"No reason to turn this down; it won't hurt my art making and might even inspire me."

"Outstanding!" Bill exclaims. "Ahh -Yes, it all comes back -- "

"this sleek Falcon 2000 executive jet is..."

"only missing the smell of the jet fuel."

"Good thinking -- this rather than the jet fighters I was more used to."

"The cabin's roomy enough for Larry Gagosian,"

"and a few of his top collectors,"

"who may come swarming & be thrilled when I take them up for a spin."

"Nice touch parking just above the SL loft gallery with my art."

Rabinovitch checks out the controls.

"The cockpit is really nice."

"My best birthday present ever!!!"

"When I used to fly a jet it was many times very symbiotic, where you become as one -- and those moments were to savor."

"It was totally art for me..."

"Gaining confidence practicing acrobatics almost became like sculpting -- exploring the surface of particularly big & beautiful puffy cumulus clouds I selected -- far, far vaster than any man made architecture could ever be, on a completely mythic scale becoming a thing of great pleasure... interacting as closely as possible, tracing their exteriors very close in, almost touching..."

"often going straight up or plunging within -- the blue sky suddenly gone -- total opaqueness of whites... no horizon -- not knowing if one were upside down, into a different world... of silence beyond measure."

"ArtNet editor Walter Robinson in the 90's encouraged me to write up my early experiences flying jets in the Air Force as a feature of several pages on ArtNet magazine. I did & a link to the article is still live."

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