Bill Rabinovitch's
Art Opening on Tatooine

The night of the opening Bill and Fantasy arrive fashionably late...

and find a line to get in.

Germain is greeting people as they enter.

The line moves quickly and Bill is soon inside.

"I've got something for you from Merlin," Germain says to Bill.

Germain searches his desk to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Bill notices the name of the show has been lettered on the wall.

"It's a postcard for you from Merlin. He wanted me to give it to you at this opening," says Germain..

The postcard congratulates Bill, and wishes him good luck for the opening.

"It was an old gag postcard, but Merlin realized this would be the first time he could actually send it to another galaxy. That card inspired the name of this show," Germain explains.

"Bill I better warn you, the drinks in the tumblers are the hard stuff. they're mixed with narcotics and hallucinogins."

"Some are too strong for humans and are intended only for other species," she explains.

"That second pale colored drink is accarragm; it's brewed from a fungus, and intended mainly for Wookies," she reveals.

"The large cyanish drink on the right is called a Tatooine Sunburn." she begins.

"There's a drink called a Starlight Surprise because drinking it will knock a human flat on his back.

and you'll wake up staring at the sky and seeing stars. A Tatooine Sunburn, is a double shot of that," she warns.

"You'd be safest sticking to the Gorean wines. Germain imported them especially for this opening," she suggests.

"You might try the bantha butter, it's a local specialty,

and it's said to go well with the Bantha Biscuits," she goes on.

"Germain brought brie culture from your planet so the Tuscans could make that cheese for his openings," she informs Bill.

"I'll have to try those biscuits with your brie, but business first: Is there a check list for the show?" Bill inquires.

"There are what you'd call tablet computers circulating around the gallery..." she points to one on the table..

"They're updated automatically whenever there's a sale, so people know what's available," she explains.

"Tap any title on the list to see that work, and the details," she adds.

"They can also access our equivalent of Wikipedia, which is called Wookieepedia here," she concludes.

A Toydarian tells Germain, "I'd be interested in buying this work...."

"at a greatly reduced price," the Toydarian adds.

"Sorry," replies Germain, showing his tablet, "that edition already sold out... at the listed price,"

An Aqualish gets Bill's attention.

"Will you paint my pet Jurgoran?"

Fantasy shows Bill what he'd be painting. Bill thinks quickly.

"You'll have to speak to Germain about that; he arranges all my bookings here," Bill replies

"Are you familiar with, Bad Pet, a painting depicting a rancor attack?" asks the Aqualish.

"No, but if you make an arrangement with Germain, I'll be happy to look at that painting with you, and discuss it, before we start planning your Jurgoran portrait," Bill responds.

"Have you been to The Tantive Gallery of Progressive Art, the art museum on the planet Tantive IV? I believe they have it."

"Sorry," Bill replies, "I just arrived in this galaxy. I haven't even seen Mos Eisley yet."

"Any galleries on Tatooine you'd recommend?" asks Bill.

"Tatooine is a cultural backwater, one of the furthest planets from the galactic center."

"Germain's is the only gallery I bother to visit here. He manages to find fresh talent
on the Outer Rim that none of the established galleries have."

"Bill, Hickey Hutt, an eminent art critic for Art on Tatooine magazine, is teleporting into the upper gallery," says Germain.

"He wants to see your newest work. You should head up there soon to be sure you don't miss the chance to chat with him."

Bill heads for the ramp, but an alien from Mon Calamari is blocking his path.

"Master Rabinovitch, I'm an art student at Tatooine University. What advice can you give me on succeeding as an artist?"

"I'm new to the art acene in your galaxy, so I can't answer that, but Hinkey Hutt, the preeminent art critic is..."

"teleporting into the upper gallery soon. He has vast & wide experience so I refer you to him to ask!"

Bill, Fantasy, and the student head up the ramp. Meanwhile a Duros examines a tablet checklist.

"Germain, looks like this show is selling very well!" exclaims the Duros.

"Yes it is, thank you. I remember you bought a lot of work from Rabinovitch's last few shows. Any work interest you here?"

"Any work that's still available interests me. I'll take it all!"

"Great!" exclaims Germain.

"You must have a very large collection of his work by now," Germain surmises.

"I don't have any left. I just buy it to flip it and make a quick profit," explains the Duros.

Hickey Hutt has teleported into the upper gallery, and is holding forth.

Everyone around is listening attentively.

The avatar who spoke to Bill, now addresses his question to Hickey Hutt:

"I'm a student of art at Tatooine University."

"What would you advise I do to become a rich and successful artist like Bill Rabinovitch?"

Hickey Hutt replies, "Most of the best artists I have known throughout the Galaxy... "

"do not care about money beyond sustenance and materials."

"They want to change the worlds, to change way things look."

"They want their views to prevail."

Bill speaks, "I have to agree. I didn't become an artist to become rich."

"Rather, I hope to change the world through my art."

However, a Trandoshan decides to disagree.

"I think she'd look better with her clothes on," the Trandoshan objects.

" Who wants to see so much skin like that?"

"Her skin in these paintings has no character, no design, no real texture, no scales; it's just boring."

"I rather fancy those flesh tones."

"You would; you're pink fleshed yourself !"

"Each species is beautiful in its own way," intones the critic.

"Work that helps us appreciate other species," he continues,

"contributes to the harmony of the universe," he pontificates.

"I think Rabinovitch did beautiful work here," Fantasy defends Bill's art.

"Yes, I admire this series of works."

"Did they pay you to write an intro for the show catalog?" the Trandoshan demands to know.

"Are you implying I can be bought?"

"No, he wasn't paid!"

"Sorry then...

"I guess there's no accounting for taste," concludes the Trandoshan.

"Actually, we critics account for it all the time," rejoins the Hutt.
He continues, "Just the other day I wrote that self-identified quitters and failures turn into ravenous gundarks,"

"eviscerating other artists to feed their own egos," he concludes

He then takes his leave, and teleports away, thereby insuring that he has the last word.

Fantasy tells the art student, "Your facial tattoo is amazing the way it constantly changes colors."

"Thanks. I'm working my way thruough school as a tattoo artist. I formulated the inks to react to changes in body chemistry."

"Great work!" says Bill, "Come to my planet with that and you really will change the way my world looks."

Germain is socializing at the other end of the room....

when he notices a couple standing in the corner...

and decides he better keep an eye on them.

"The art opening is close to closing time," whispers the man to the woman.

She looks at him with intense focus.

"Time put our plan into action," he declares softly.

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