Bill Rabinovitch
Prepares for his Art Opening

Bill and Fantasy return to the gallery.

"How did it go?" inquires Germain.

"We didn't find a Jedi Master, but I did some sketches you might like," answers Bill.

Bill opens his case with a flourish, takes out the sketches..,

and lays them on the desk.

"Looks promising." Gernain allows.

"While you were busy sketching, you made the paper," Germain informs him.

"I called the story in when we arrived last night, and it made today's edition," explains Germain.

"Why don't you read the article, while I look through these sketches," suggests Germain.
Bill reads the article.

Meanwhile Germain looks through the sketches,

Germain pauses after looking at the first half dozen sketches, and turns to Bill...

"Great work! I'd like to have these up for the opening, suppose we put them in the upper gallery?" suggests Germain..

"Glad you like them! Sure, let's show them at the opening. Want me to put some up now?"

"Sounds good, go for it!" replies Germain.

Bill turns to go up the ramp, but sees the others sitting on the couches.

"Hi! Sorry I didn't see you before," apologizes Bill. "How was your first day on Tatooine?"

"We toured the city," replies Father Flash. "We didn't find any churches or temples, but we did all rent rooms...".

"so we won't have to sleep in the gallery tonight. We were just going back to them when you came in.".

"OK, good! Don't let me stop you. I'm eager to see how these new sketches look upstairs."

Bill looks around, and decides to...

take down his "Red Horse," and... >/a>

try the sketches on that wall.

Germain come up to see how it's going.

"I thought I'd try them where the "Red Horse" was, but they're too crowded. Maybe I should put fewer up?"

"Wait, let me think," Germain looks for a while, then finally speaks.

"You're right, they're too crowded like that, but I have another idea."

"If you could work a couple of these sketches up to full size paintings, we could spread the sketches around between them, and devote this whole upper gallery to this series. What do you think?"

"Wow, I like that idea. I'll have to devote myself full time to painting in order to finish in time for the opening, but I can see more of your planet after the opening."

"Great! You can work up here, as artist in residence. I have a studio easel you can use and a work table."

Bill comes in early the next day, and starts painting.

By the end of the day he's finished his first large painting.

He works diligently, and each day he finishes another painting.

Occassionaly art lovers come by to see the artist in residence.

Fantasy is there every day to translate, close some pre-opening sales, and watch Bill's back.

The day before the opening arrives, and it's time to stop painting and fold the easel.

Bill moves the paintings and sketches around...

and makes careful adjustments to their positions.

Finally he feels ready to ask Germain's opinion.

Both feel the gallery is ready for the opening next day, and Fantasy enthusiastically agrees..

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