Bill Rabinovitch
Travels the Jundland Wastes

Bill and Fantasy start through the pass to the Jundland Wastes.

"Pretty desolate," Bill breaks the silence.

"Typical of wastes," Fantasy offers.

"I want to capture this in a sketch," Bill is inspired.

Bill sits down and opens his art supplies..

Bill begins.sketching..

"Anything I can do to help?" asks Fantasy..

"Yes, step into the landscape to give a sense of scale," requests Bill.

"How's this?"


"How do you want me to pose?"

"Give me sexy!"

"How's this?"


"THE NUDE IN NATURE. Hard to beat that !!" declares Bill.

"If these sell, I'll split my commission with you," offers Bill.

"You don't have to do that, it's flattering being asked to pose," replies Fantasy.

"I want to! Otherwise I'll feel like I'm exploiting you, I insist!" declares Bill.

"OK, if it will make you feel better," obliges Fantasy, "Thank you! But aren't you worried that given today's ideas of
political correctness on Earth, you'll be accused of sexism if you exhibit nude pictures of me?"

"I talked about this with Merlin when he first asked me to join his gallery. I told him I paint nudes, and asked if he had any problem showing them. This is what we agreed: Sexism is a very real problem in our society. It leads to discrimination against women in hiring and unequal pay for equal work. It torments women with lewd remarks and crass sexual come-ons. It degrades women with insensitive sexist jokes. It dismisses various types of insults to women with sexist rhetoric."

Bill continues, "However, we have no intention of allowing the very real problems of sexism to be hijacked by prudes and fundamentalists to promote their perverted anti-sex agendas. Whether you see a nude as beautiful, or as a sex object, is in the eye of the beholder. A woman who is not completely covered does not encourage rape, and an artist depicting such a woman does not encourage sexism. Being against sexism doesn't mean you have to be against sex, or the depiction of sex between consenting adults."

"Nudes have been shown at least since the Venus cave art figurines, and a great deal of what this is about down through time is fertility & creativity & spirituality: Eros. Reducing every use of nudes to just 'objectification,' as has been done today in the media & entertainment, is a lie and a perversion of the wiser & wider implications down through time. We make absolutely no apologies for celebrating the beauty of the female body in art. We feel it is more necessary than ever to continue the artistic battle for sexual liberation, and thereby support the ongoing sexual revolution," Bill concludes.

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