Bill Rabinovitch
Visits the Dune Sea

Bill and Fantasy start out for the Dune Sea.

They walk toward...

the city limits.

"Is that a sandcrawler out there?" asks Bill.

"Yes," replies Fantasy.

"They were once used for mining, but they've been abandoned."

Bill and Fantasy reach the end of the city...

and enter the Dune Sea.

They head toward the sandcrawler...

and pass toads on the way to the entrance ramp.

They board the ramp,

and climb into the crawler.

Fantasy surveys the interior cautiously, while Bill runs ahead.

Bill sees what appears to be a hookah.

He decides to check it out.

"Careful, that may not be what you think it is!" warns Fantasy. "All drugs are legal on Tatooine; I can get you anything you want, but some drugs here are far more addictive and dangerous than any on Earth."

Bill realizes the danger. He stops and stands up.

They turn to leave the rusty old sand crawler.

Bill sees a few houses out in the dunes and wants to go investigate.

"Careful, there's smoke in the air!" Fantasy warns.

"I'll just take a quick look," Bill runs ahead.

Suddenly Bill is aware there's a fight going on behind him.

It's a firefight between a Jawa and an alien bounty hunter. The Jawa fires, but misses.

The alien scores a direct hit on the Jawa and annihilates him. Fight over.

"That was a close call. I never thought it might be gunsmoke."

"I should have listened to Fantasy" Bill realizes.

Bill reads the name at this address, "Wind1stCapt Swashbuckler," and looks up his profile.

"Seems to be more an anarchist than a Jedi." Bill is disappointed.

Bill walks back to Fantasy and...

they start walking in the other direction.

Bill heads toward the next house, and notices something growing in the sand.

Bill runs ahead to investigate.

"Stop!" screams Fantasy. Bill realizes he better listen.

"That's a sarlacc. Locals call it a dune worm, but it's really an omniverous plant. Get too close and a tendril will pull you in so it can devour you," Fantasy explains.

Fantasy catches up, and puts herself between Bill and the sand worm.

She leads the way to the house.

Bill catches up and forges ahead.

He learns the house is rented by Harkonnen Dufaux.

Bill checks his profile. "A dark Jedi! Not whom I'm looking for, but it proves there are Jedi out here !!"

They leave Hark's house,

and walk through the dunes.

until they reach the hill

where the next house is perched

They climb the sand dune...

to the top of the hill

and reach the house.

They walk around it...

to find the entrance.

"Capt. Swashbuckler rents this one too," Bill sighs.

"Wow, look at that!" Bill exclaims.

"It's a pass through the mountains."

"That leads to the Jundland Wastes," Fantasy explains, "where the Tusken Raiders rule."

"Is it safe?" Bill asks.

"No, but I doubt that will stop you," she replies.

"Let's go!" exclaims Bill.

They make their way down to the valley...

"Careful of the Womp Rats," Fantasy advises.

Then they start through the pass.

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