Bill Rabinovitch
Lands on Tatooine

The ship lands on Tatooine in the dark of night..

"Home! Great landing Fantasy," declares Germain.

"Thanks," responds Fantasy.

"We're parked right in front of my freight office," Germain points out.

"Fantasy, go open the office and the walk-in safe," Germain orders, "Java and I will start unloading the crates. Take Bill, and show him where he's going to sleep."

"Follow me Bill," Fantasy directs.

Fantasy explains, "This is Germain's office. You saw it in daylight on the ship's monitor."

Fantasy continues, "I just programmed the door to roll open automatically for you. Go ahead in."

Bill exclaims, "Wow Tatooine at last. I feel like I should kiss the ground or something." Fantasy, taking him literally, looks at the ground.

Fantasy warns, "Kissing the ground is inadvisible since you don't have immunity to local bacteria and parasites. We'll have to get you innoculated."

"The bed is there in the safe. It's the safest place Germain has for you to sleep. I'll open it," Fantasy offers.

Bill reacts, "OK, no problem sleeping in there. Where are you going to sleep, on that couch?"

Fantasy demurs, "I'll let Germain explain that part."

Bill takes a look inside the vault and sees his art works stored there..

"Germain, my first studio when I arrived in NYC for the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program was actually in a giant underground safe in a bank that closed down on Reade Street. Still had the giant several foot thick doors like this only bigger, so I'm ok with sleeping in here, but where is Fantasy gong to sleep?" Bill asks.

Germain ascerts, "Right there on that bed next to you."

"Hmmm? Won't that put a bit of a crimp in my social life on Tatooine?" asks Bill.

"That's the point," replies Germain, "there are female creatures on Tatooine that would eat you alive just to taste your protein. There are STDs here so evolved, the parasites can bore through any known condom and take over your body. I explained all this to Merlin, hence we came up with this idea for your protection, and Fantasy agreed. It's not negotiable."

"Bill, I know you have reservations about me, let's try talking them out," Fantasy suggests.

Germain urges, "Bill, my advice is you work this out with Fantasy. If you two can come to an agreement, it will make your stay here much more pleasant. I'm taking the others over to stay in my gallery. I'll see you two in the morning."

"Well, ok," Bill agrees.

Fantasy begins, "I know you're afraid to get involved ..."

"because you think of me as a machine, and ..."

"it scares you to imagine yourself loving a machine."

"Yes, that's true," Bill admits.

"But haven't you ever loved a machine before?" she asks.

"Your Porsche, or you Falcon jet?"

"Those machines couldn't return your love,"

"but it didn't stop them from serving you faithfully, and making you happy, did it?" Fantasy asks.

"Well, no, but somehow that's not the same," Bill explains.

"I think I understand. Did you see Blade Runner?"

"Yes, great film. I read the book too, " Bill affirms.

"It was my favorite film of all time," Fantasy enthuses.

"Do you remember the ending?" she asks.

"Yes, the hero runs off to live with the android he loves."

"Yes, Bill. I cried when I saw that ending."

"It was the first time I ever cried at a movie," she admits.

"You cried, really? How is that possible?" Bill asks.

"You know I'm programmed with algorithms to human feelings," Fantasy explains.

"In my brain there are counters that tick up in response to stimuli..."

"when they reach certain levels, they trigger programmed responses. "

"much as humans raise their hormone levels in response to stimuli"

"and those hormones can trigger emotions in humans such as the fight or flight response when your adrenalin goes high."

"Well at that movie, my empathy counter reached a level so high.."

"the micro valves in the tear ducts in my eyes opened in response, and I realized I was crying."

Fantasy continues, "I don't know if it helps you to know this, but my counters representing..."

"the hormones vasopressin and oxytocin are ticking up..."

"pretty high right know, and I have to consciously over ride..."

"my programmed responses to keep from blurting out that I love you," Fantasy concludes.

"Then you really can have feelings!" Bill exclaims.

"Oh, this is embarrassing." Bill apologizes.

"Embarrassing?" Fantasy is puzzled.

"Yes, my levels of certain real life hormones just reached a level so high..." Bill explains.

"I experienced one of those involuntary human reactions, and..."

"a portion of my virtual antatomy just..."

"tore through my virtual trousers!" Bill confides.

"Don't worry, It's a common wardrode malfunction in virtual worlds," Fantasy sympathises.

"I can lick your problem. and I can also mend the software for your trousers."

"Why don't you take the pants off?" Fantasy suggests.

"Yes, I think you're right.."

about everything." Bill decides.

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